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The Ecoluber® General Menu Navigation

This short tutorial provides a general overview of how to navigate through the Ecoluber® menu.

Pre-Settings Menu Navigation

The Ecoluber® has 8 built-in dispensing programs for emptying a 1L reservoir. These range from 1 week to 1 year setting.

Custom Dispensing Intervals Menu Navigation

Use this tutorial to customize your lubricant volume and dispensing intervals on the Ecoluber® based on a 0.01cc precision per port, thus creating an customized lubrication cycle for your machinery and equipment.

Service Menu - Troubleshooting

The service menu is designed for Quick Troubleshooting and re-setting any programming on the unit. Use this video tutorial to learn how to access and configure parameters within the service menu.

Important: always consult your service provider prior to changing the set current limit for the Ecoluber®.

Continuous Run - Initial Ecoluber® Set-Up

Use this quick tutorial to understand how to properly use the continuous run option on the Ecoluber®.

Error List - How to Review?

The error list menu is a great troubleshooting tool. This tutorial demonstrates how to access and navigate through the Error list sub-menu.

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