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Reliability & Dependability

Precise Dispensing

Dispensing “too much” or “too little” lubrication is costly on many fronts, and contributes to over 35% of machinery failures. Over-lubrication increases costs via unnecessary waste. If this is occurring day-in-day-out, it equates to thousands of dollars wasted; over a lifetime of your equipment “precisely regulated” lubrication saves you thousands of dollars in just lubrication material alone. Furthermore, choking a bearing with too much grease or saturating a chain with too much oil creates a messy environment and increases the chance of a “slip-hazard” from occurring. Lastly, excess or runoff lubrication attracts unwanted contaminants.

With “too little” lubrication, bearings heat up, chains start to grind and stretch due to overheating - plus the machinery itself is straining to maintain its normal operating conditions. This is just the type of metal-on-metal situation that causes costly breakdowns. In many cases, seized chain or bearings result in larger, more expensive, component to replace due to malfunctions. However, with a well-tailed lubrication program that uses Ecoluber® as its core, these unnecessary costs are preventable.

The Unit’s precise system dispenses a specific volume of lubricant at appropriate time intervals. Lubrication on demand reduces material waste costs, breakdowns caused by “starving” lubrication points, as well as prevents contaminant errors – these 3 problems have found their solution in using Ecoluber®.


Revolutionary Pumping Mechanism

The Ecoluber® has a unique electro mechanical pumping mechanism that can generate relatively high pressure using a small low voltage motor and a portable automatic dispensing system for single or multi-point lubrication. The best analogy for our unique design is: "think of all other systems out there pushing the lubricant out, which requires more force and is not very precise, the Ecoluber® simply pulls-out the exact amount of lubricant needed".


Unique Industry Leading Design

Other centralized units require additional components in their systems in order to perform the same result.
The Ecoluber® on the other hand, has the ability to lubricate anywhere from 1-4 points with its unique internal distribution block, which eliminates the need and additional costs of purchasing two separate products (a lubricant dispenser unit and a distribution block). This reduces upfront costs and maintenance costs associated with additional components.


Extreme Applications

When dealing with lubrication points that are up 30ft. high, the Ecoluber® stand alone unit saves workers from frequent trips up and down high ladders. This is particularly important when dealing with hard to reach places that also require constant lubrication. Remote installation of the Ecoluber® is particularly advantageous when having to deal with extreme heat and freezing temperatures that are an otherwise an issue for workers to access, or for other automatic lubrication units to service. Most importantly, remote installation of the Ecoluber® allows for lubrication to continue without stopping the line of production.

Each Ecoluber® Multi-Point Automatic Lubrication System is customizable per application, and distance and number of points serviced. Below is a sample application where the Ecoluber® was utilized with two 8-points Distribution Blocks to service 16 points on 8 giant cooling-fans at a Steel Mill manufacturing facility.

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