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Green Technology

The Ecoluber helps companies find the perfect balance between higher-production and lower-environmental impact. The Ecoluber is one of those rare green-technology products that helps you do your part in saving the planet - while saving you money.

More than just decreasing your carbon footprint, additionally by also eliminating the amount of landfill waste is a green-innovation that we all need to adapt. The Ecoluber® has many green advantages over those other automatic lubricators, such as:


The Ecoluber® is manufactured using medical-grade plastic, which is significantly less toxic to humans and the environment than non-regulated plastic materials.




Centralized lubrication systems such as the Ecoluber® can service multiple lubrication points with just a single unit. In contrast, single point lubrication requires a lubrication unit at every single lubrication point.

For example: If a company has 30 lubrication points, they will only need to use 1-Ecoluber® instead of 30 single user single-point lubricators. That is a 30:1 environmental landfill preventive. Not to mention the substantial savings associated with the accumulated cost of purchasing a single Ecoluber® System versus a multitude of disposable units.


Our certified battery packs not only deliver superior performance but are also recyclable. Conceptually speaking - would you rather fill-up your recycle bin or the land-fill?


Our replacement cartridge can be re-filled with your own grease or oil. Each cartridge can be re-used multiple times, thus illuminating volumes of waste associated with single-use replacement cartridges.


The Ecoluber® dispenses lubricant(s) with such optimal precision that it completely illuminates over/under lubrication, which is synonymous with manual/human lubrication tactics.

The advantages of “optimal” lubrication are as follows:

Over lubrication chokes bearings and moving parts, which in turn causes overheating, environmental waste and pollution. Let’s say just one lubrication point is over-lubricated by only 1.00 cc per week - then that is 52.00 cc of waste per year. Multiply that waste over an entire system and it will cost your company thousands of dollars over a bearing's lifetime. Additionally, it pollutes the environment with excess waste.

On the under-lubrication side of things we have: additional wear & tear, premature breakdowns, high unnecessary repair costs, downtime and increases energy costs and usage. With the Ecoluber®  you can deliver a the most precise amount of lubricant and reduce those costly down-times.

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