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How far can I remotely install the Ecoluber®?

The Ecoluber® can be remotely installed using 50+ ft. (15+ Meter) lines. Remember to use 3/8″ (12mm) OD tubing that is capable of withstanding 1,000 psi.

If I don’t need to use all 4-built in ports, can I block one or more of them?

No, for safety reasons DO NOT block any of the ports. If you do not require all of the ports, utilize a Tee connector to join tubing from 2 ports into a single line.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with any technical recommendations for lubricating less than 4 ports.

Can I use the Ecoluber® outside?
Yes, the Ecoluber® is certified for use in temperature ranges of -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) when utilizing a Lithium battery pack and can be used in wet environments. The Ecoluber® is also IP66 certified, which means that the unit is dust-tight and water from heavy seas or water projected in powerful jets shall not enter its enclosure in harmful quantities.
Can I use any grease with the Ecoluber®?
Your Ecoluber® can be used with any grease NLGI grades 0-3. You will be able to re-fill the Ecoluber® yourself using our grease cartridge adapter.  The adapter comes with a 1/4" thread and can be attached to most manual grease filler pumps and hand operated grease pump bearing packer systems. This adapter can be used to refill your Ecoluber® grease cartridges.
Can I disconnect lubrication lines while the Ecoluber® is in operation?
Yes, you can disconnect and reconnect lubrication lines while the Ecoluber® is in operation. However, for safety reasons DO NOT disconnect the battery or external power source while the Ecoluber® is in operation.
Can the Ecoluber® be used as an oiler?

Yes, the Ecoluber® can be installed as an oiler. The following Ecoluber® Oiler models are available:

  • ADU2013-HZ-NP-0 (Hazardous locations certified Oiler)
  • ADU2013-OL-NP-0 (Non-Hazloc ordinary locations certified Oiler)
What is the capacity for the Ecoluber® reservoir?

The Ecoluber® reservoir is designed to hold 1,000 cc of lubrication oil or a refillable grease cartridge. Each Ecoluber® system comes with a 1,000 cc re-fillable oil reservoir or grease cartridge.

Note: if you don't want o re-fill the grease cartridges yourself, we offer a selection of most commonly used greases ranging from Petro-Canada, Mobil, and Fuchs Lubricants. If you want us to provide you with an alternate grease filled-cartridge, please contact us.

Is the Ecoluber® Explosion proof?

The Ecoluber® is certified for Zone 1 Hazardous Locations, and is explosion proof for an area in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation.

The Ecoluber® has been tested to both UL and CSA standards in an independent third party testing laboratory by LabTest Certification Inc., which is an accredited Certification Body. To learn more about the LC mark, please visit the Certification Body’s website at:

Is the Ecoluber® UL and CSA approved?

The Ecoluber® is Zone 1 certified for use in Hazardous Locations:

  • Class I Div II Standard for Groups A, B, C, D
  • Class II Div II Groups F and G
  • Class III Hazardous Locations
  • IP 66 rating
Can I change the setting after the unit has been installed?

The Ecoluber® can be set to one of our pre-settings ranging from 1 week to 1 year (dispensing 0.88cc per lubrication interval), or you can customize the setting based on your specific requirements (dispensing between 0.04cc to 3.96cc per interval). You also have the option to change the setting at anytime and the Ecoluber® will adjust accordingly.

Watch our user menu tutorials for a quick overview of operating the Ecoluber®:

Can I lubricate only a single point with the Ecoluber®?

Yes, your Ecoluber® can lubricate a single point to 48 points, making the Ecoluber® the most versatile lubrication system on the market.

What is the maximum number of lubrication points that the Ecoluber® can service?

The Ecoluber® can be joined with progressive divider blocks to effectively service up to 48 lubrication points. Note: more detailed documentation regarding setting calculation can be provided as requested. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I relocate the Ecoluber® from one bearing to another one?

Yes, the Ecoluber® can be easily relocated. Given it’s remote installation capabilities, you can simply move the lubrication line to the new bearing without having to relocate the whole lubrication unit. Remember to turn OFF the Ecoluber® prior to relocation; once the Ecoluber® is turned back ON it will continue from its assigned setting. There is no need to re-program the unit, unless you wish to change to a new setting.

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