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Why the Ecoluber®?

Cost Reduction Starts Here

Every time you reduce repairs you automatically increase your profits. Less wear and tear reduces unexpected breakdowns and loss of production. Our unique Ecoluber® systems guarantee you a longer service life, higher productivity and less maintenance costs.

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Innovation Starts Here

Many companies like to use the word “innovation”. However, they really don’t have the technology to back it up. On the other hand, the Ecoluber® is not only an industry first, it is also the world’s first with its revolutionary pumping mechanism.

This translates to:
    • Greater power (psi) using less energy…
    • Improved reliability with few complications…
    • An advanced technology that is extremely simple to install and use.


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        A Greener Planet Starts Here

            1. Constructed with medical grade plastic,  the Ecoluber® isn’t toxic like the unregulated plastics used by many of our competitors.
            2. Reduce harmful lubricant emissions and never over-lubricate again.
            3. Our refillable grease/oil cartridges reduce landfill waste.
            4. Our battery packs are recyclable.


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