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Ecoluber® Lubrication Systems (Non-Hazloc)

Product Description
Each automatic lubrication systems include:
  • 4-points built-in distribution block;
  • 1,000 cc refillable lubricant reservoir;
  • mounting bracket; and
  • Selected power source
All Ecoluber® Non Hazloc units are certified for Ordinary Locations usage to the following standards:

          Each system can be powered via a Lithium Battery Pack, Alkaline Battery Pack, or connected directly to the equipment it is lubrication via a 12V DC external power convertor.

          Note: that all greaser units include a refillable grease cartridge.

          SKU Lubricant Type Power Source
          ADU2013-OL-NP-1-EA91 Greaser Lithium Battery Pack
          ADU2013-OL-NP-0-EA91 Oiler Lithium Battery Pack
          ADU2013-OL-NP-1-EN91 Greaser Alkaline Battery Pack
          ADU2013-OL-NP-0-EN91 Oiler Alkaline Battery Pack
          ADU2013-OL-NP-1-X Greaser External Power Convertor
          ADU2013-OL-NP-0-X Oiler External Power Convertor
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