Pound for pound – The Ecoluber® automatic lubrication system extracts the highest ROI in terms of your preventative maintenance budget.

How does the Ecoluber® prevent repairs and reduce downtime?

  1. Reduces labour hours and machine downtime associated with tedious manual lubrication practices. Ecoluber® works 24/7 and is never on the payroll.
  2. Precise-automated-lubrication significantly reduces component wear & tear due to metal on metal friction often cause by sporadic under lubrication.
  3. Will never over-lubricate and cause bearings to choke on excessive grease.
  4. Avoid forgotten lubrication points that eventually cause major damage.
  5. Fresh perfectly measured and properly timed grease flushes out rock dust and abrasive particles that notoriously grind away at bearings and rollers.
  6. Frequent small doses of lubricant prevent damaged caused by water and chemicals that seep into critical components and bearings.
  7. Significantly reduces lubricant costs associated with over lubrication.
  8. Ecoluber® dispenses the right amount of grease at the right time – every time.
  9. An additional benefit is improved safety by keeping maintenance workers away from hazardous areas or hard-to-reach lube points. No more climbing tall ladders, crawling into tight spaces or reaching into areas surrounded by scolding hot metal.

Fast, easy and reliable maintenance

 The Ecoluber® removes many of the physically demanding headaches and stumbling blocks that are associated with manual lubrication and the unpredictable management of using multiple single-point lubricators.

Ecoluber® has a simple to use touch-button programming and scheduling options – unlike the complex and confusing programming options offered by many of the competitors’ units.

Refilling grease and oil can be easily completed within under a minute.

What type of mining equipment is the Ecoluber® best suited for?

  • Bulldozers;
  • Breakers;
  • Crushers (fixed & mobile);
  • Conveyers;
  • Continuous Miners;
  • Dragline Excavators;
  • Drilling Equipment;
  • Dredge Mining Equipment;
  • Grinding Equipment;
  • Grader;
  • Heavy tonnage Dump trucks;
  • Haul Trucks;
  • Big Loaders;
  • Milling Machines;
  • Rock Drilling Machines;
  • Rockheader;
  • Rockbreaker;
  • Stackers (stockpile);
  • Shuttle Equipment;
  • Shoveling and Scooping Equipment;
  • Water Trucks; and
  • Wheel Dozer, to name a few
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