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Food and Beverage Industry



The Ecoluber® is ideal for lubrication of washing machines, filling lines, chains, palletizers, turrets and conveyors. Food and Beverage processing equipment requires a tough and durable equipment lubrication system that is able to withstand conditions such as wash-downs, high oven temperatures as well as operate in areas susceptible to high levels of cross-contamination. Thus, the Ecoluber®’s remote installation capabilities are best suited for this industry. With sustainability and zero downtime initiatives – the Ecoluber will provide you with a solid return-on-investment (ROI).

In bakeries, dairy production facilities, beverage production or meat processing plants – the various types of machinery and equipment have different lubrication requirements. However, they typically all utilize some kind of food-grade grease that most lubricators on the market simply cannot dispense properly or with any degree of measurable accuracy. With the Ecoluber, all critical components are lubricated, regardless of location or difficulty of access.

However, by utilizing the Ecoluber® all of your different types of equipment can be serviced, because the Ecoluber® is an expert in precisely dispensing food grade greases (NLGI 0-3) and oils. We know that a well tailored lubrication program is critical in extending the service life of those key components within your equipment and increases the availability times of your machines to continue to produce those yummy treats and thirst quenching beverages to your customers, while at the same time minimize unscheduled maintenance costs; which is why the Ecoluber® is the best choice for this industry.

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