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Paper & Cardboard Industry



The Pulp & Paper and Cardboard industry’s machinery requires constant lubrication of bearings, ventilator drive shafts, conveyor belt bearing blocks, as well as lubrication of a pulpers’ moving parts. The Ecoluber® is capable of lubricating multiple points at extremely precise and consistent amounts, which helps prevent breakdowns. With the Ecoluber, all critical components are lubricated, regardless of location or difficulty of access whilst the machinery and equipment are running. With benefits like these – by utilizing the Ecoluber your return-on-investment (ROI) is solid.

In the paper and cardboard processing industry, rotating machines such as drum rotary tube kilns, pulpers, and debarkers are exposed to high stresses. Thus, it is essential to utilize an efficient lubrication system in order to reduce repair costs and keep lubricant consumption as low as possible.

Paper and cardboard processing facilities’ equipment and machinery are constantly exposed to hard conditions, such as heat, moisture and dust. The Ecoluber® is IP66 certified, which means that it is best suited for the harsh environments in these plants. The Ecoluber® is able to provide a reliable supply of lubrication, no matter the external environment, which minimizes unscheduled maintenance, wearing-out of parts and/ or premature corrosion of components.

Additionally, the Ecoluber® remote installation capabilities allow it to service hard to reach bearings, and completely eliminates the need to stop equipment for lubrication, thus saving you time and money.

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