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Cement Industry


Cement production equipment has a high demand for lubrication particularly due to the higher volumes of dust and debris that can significantly hinder equipment’s operational efficiency and potentially shut down operations – costing thousands in repair as well as loss of production due to extended downtimes.

The unit’s 1,000cc reservoir is able to support a higher-volume lubrication requirement. It’s “concrete” rugged design allows the Ecoluber® to withstand high temperatures that are present during continuous cement plant operations, as well as cement dust that makes for harsh operating conditions. With the Ecoluber, all critical components are lubricated, regardless of location or difficulty of access.

With manual grease-gun lubrication, dust and debris can easily contaminate lubrication points causing sudden machinery breakdowns – the Ecoluber® eliminates this possibility via its remote servicing abilities that never transfer cross contaminant particles - such as cement dust, sand, dirt and grit.

In the Cement industry - machinery works around the clock, which exposes components to greater friction and more wear-and-tear. Additionally, your equipment and machinery are also subjected to abnormal amounts of dust and debris – which is the number one cause of bearing and improper lubrication failures. With such a high volume of contaminants that are not suitable to heavy duty components, the Ecoluber® provides the imperative fresh distribution of grease that in turn flushes out caustic materials that can cause costly breakdowns.

Furthermore, manual lubrication (in this environment) can do more harm than good. All the safety concerns of sending a maintenance-worker into a hazardous location(s), the high probability of cross contamination, the cost of shutting down equipment and stopping production, can all be eliminated by using the Ecoluber.

By utilizing the Ecoluber®, all of your equipment will have the correct amount of fresh uncontaminated lubricant delivered at the correct intervals, because the Ecoluber® features fully customizable programming. To attain even greater efficiencies, the Ecoluber® can be directly connected to your equipment so it keeps on working as the equipment keeps working. At the end of the day these benefits will positively affect your bottom line and workers’ safety.

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