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Automotive Industry


The Ecoluber® is ideal for the automotive manufacturing Industry as it allows for: Improved sustainability and productivity through minimizing unscheduled maintenance; and reduced environmental impacts due to its highly precise “waste-reduction” based lubricant dispensing capabilities and re-usability. This way your return-on-investment (ROI) is fundamentally solid.

Less wear on the components means better performance and extended equipment & machinery life with fewer breakdowns, less downtime, reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

Automotive manufacturers are constantly facing the challenge of maintaining their production equipment to comply with process specifications and sustainability initiatives. The Ecoluber® will help you to cut down on costly production-line maintenance expenses and reduce your environmental impact with its best-in-class innovative technology.

By utilizing the Ecoluber® all of your different production equipment can be serviced, because the Ecoluber® is an expert at precisely dispensing greases (NLGI 0-3) and oils to ensure all critical components are lubricated, regardless of location or difficulty of access. We know that a well tailored lubrication program is critical in extending the service and production life of key components within your equipment and increases the availability times of your machines to continue to produce at optimum levels, while at the same time minimizing unscheduled maintenance costs; which is why the Ecoluber® is the best choice for this industry.

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