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Mining Industry


Mining equipment requires a higher demand for lubrication - particularly due to the high volumes of dust and debris that can significantly hinder equipment’s operational efficiency and potentially shut down your operations – costing thousands in repairs and downtime.

The unit’s 1,000cc reservoir is able to support a greater volume of lubrication requirements. It’s rugged design allows the Ecoluber® to withstand vibrations and dust buildup, making it extremely effective in providing continuous fresh lubrication to pumps, motors, conveyor belts of bulk goods, bearings on drive rolls, as well crushing machines. With the Ecoluber, all critical components are lubricated, regardless of location or difficulty of access – thus virtually eliminating the hazards associated with manual lubrication practices within the Mining industry.

Less wear on the components means better performance and extended equipment & machinery life with fewer breakdowns, less downtime, reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

In mining and minerals extraction, machinery works around the clock, which subjects’ components to greater friction and wear-and-tear than any other industry. As such, precise, consistent and round the clock lubrication of trucks, pins, ropes, bushings, gears, and shovels is critically important. The Ecoluber® provides the most reliable lubrication system that will keep working as hard as your operations, because we know that there is nothing worse than costly production stoppages and loss of production output and turnover due to an substandard preventative maintenance system.

By utilizing the Ecoluber®, all of your equipment will have the correct amount of lubricant delivered at the correct intervals, because the Ecoluber® features fully customizable programming. To attain even greater efficiencies, the Ecoluber® can be directly connected to your equipment so it keeps on working as the equipment keeps working. We know that a well tailored lubrication program is critical in extending the service life of key components of your equipment and increases the availability of your machines to continue to provide yields, while minimizing costs; which is why the Ecoluber® is the right choice.

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