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Textiles Industry



The Textile industry consists of high usage machinery that is involved in cultivating, harvesting, preparatory, spinning, weaving, and finishing processes. Bearings on these types of equipment require extremely precise lubrication, particularly due to the fact that over-lubrication can hinder their performance by “choking” bearings, rollers and moving components – thus dangerously raising the operating temperatures of this type of equipment and machinery.

As such, the patented technology used in the Ecoluber®’s dispensing process allows it to provide very…very precise lubrication volumes, as compared to traditional electro-chemical and gas operated units. In an industry where precision is a “must” – the Ecoluber® is a perfect fit when your goal is increased production and cost savings.

Given that the textiles industry utilizes such a broad variety of machinery, most machinery manufacturers require specific greases and/or oils to be used for optimum bearings, chains and gear wheels performance. Additionally, textiles machinery creates exceptionally high vibrations, speed, and loads, which requires an extremely precise and regimented lubrication solution.

As such, the Ecoluber® is an ideal fit to this industry, as it is fully customizable and can be easily retrofitted to service any textiles machinery, whether it requires grease or oil lubrication. Its solid rugged construction allows it to handle high vibrations as well as high temperature environments. Overall, our system can be easily configured to meet any application, while at the same time provide you with the most cost effective preventative maintenance solution.

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