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Farmers today face many technical challenges that their parents and grandparents never had to consider. Machinery and equipment are larger in scale, much more mechanically complex and they potentially gather higher yields in less time - but all this comes with a higher price tag.

Today’s farmers seek smart new solutions such as computer software; yield monitoring technology, GPS systems and header and platform controls in order to gain control of productivity. However, there are tried and true preventative maintenance practices such as automatic lubrication that yield a high return-on-investment (ROI). Protecting your huge investments (machinery) is just as important as protecting your crops.

The seasons for growing plants and harvesting times are short lived, and when your key equipment is out of commission due improper lubrication in the form of seized bearings, grinding of gears or overheated moving components. Then the financial costs for downtime and repairs can take a big chunk out of your profits or they can even become financially devastating if they occur during critical times.

Tractors, Combines, Balers, Harrows, Ploughs, Seeders, Fertilizer Spreaders and the like are subjected to harsh workloads and environments for hours on end. As you know - lubrication of bearings, joints or gear driven parts is 100% necessary in order to prevent damage caused by heat, stresses and friction as well as flushes-out damage causing contaminates.

The Ecoluber® is an easy-to-use lubrication system that automatically administers oil or grease to the right area, at the right time and in the right amount. All of this is done while your equipment is still working away in the field. So why is the Ecoluber® a smarter choice for your lubrication needs?

  1. Will not under lubricate - which causes excess friction and wear & tear
  2. Will not over lubricate – which cause bearings to choke and overheat
  3. Significantly reduces labour costs associated with manual lubrication practices
  4. Less downtime – so equipment is able to work more hours in the field
  5. Cost savings – automatic lubrication guards against unnecessary breakdowns
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