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Sewage Treatment Plants are sophisticatedly engineered and have specialized equipment, which makes them complex facilities. A trouble-free and safe operation is of the utmost importance for preventative maintenance managers and maintenance workers. Vital equipment parts like roller-and-sliding bearings; chains and spindles are constantly being exposed to dirt, water, phosphates and other caustic chemicals. With that said, continuous and precise re-lubrication can prevent premature equipment wear and costly breakdowns.

Sewage & waste treatment machinery have dozens upon dozens of lubrication points throughout the entire facility. In this type of environment, the Ecoluber®’s centralized lubrication system trumps single-point lubricators for a few reasons:

  1. Significant cost savings: One Ecoluber® can service 30+ lubrication points opposed to having to purchase, install and manage 30+ individual units.
  2. Environmentally friendly: As an example - this 1:30 ratio also means that you are not filling-up our landfills with a multitude of disposable replacement cartridges and lubricators.
  3. Reduces labour costs: Central lubrication takes considerably less time to maintain and manage. Keeping track of a single (multi-point unit) reduces the labour time spend on having to check, track and manage multiple (single point units).

Bar Screens, Scrapers, Primary sedimentation tanks, Aeration tanks, Clarifier tanks and Sludge thickening and dewatering equipment all require regular lubrication maintenance to ensure a safe and trouble-free operation. Bearings, chains and spindles are susceptible to damage causing chemicals and contaminants on top of regular wear and tear. However, manufacturers recommended lubrication intervals, are often missed by maintenance workers due to:

  • Lack of time
  • Risk of accidents at hard-to-reach and hazardous lubrication points
  • Risk of infections via bacteria and chemicals

Random off-schedule lubrication increases the wear and tear at moving equipment parts. This eventually leads to equipment failure and costly downtime. In contrast, the Ecoluber comes with an easy-to-use pre-set or custom lubrication settings to ensure all lubrication points get the right amount of grease, at the right time – all the time. The Ecoluber® will help protect against:

  • Wheel bearing damage from dirt at grit collector / circular scraper.
  • Bearing / chain wear from water penetration at screening equipment.
  • Contamination of drive-shaft bearing unit at the sludge press.

The Ecoluber® merits your attention because it can help you simplify, manage and protect your operation/plant from the risks and set backs mentioned above.

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