How does the Ecoluber® lower maintenance costs and improve productivity ?

Daily Manual Lubrication Is Difficult For Several Reasons:

  • Safety concerns – some lubrication points are close to scalding hot parts, climbing over machinery with muddy boots or lose clothing that can catch.
  • Lost Production – a machine needs to be shutdown for a minimum of 30-45min for a person to manually lubricate its bearing, pins and bushings. This daily downtime affects profits.
  • Bad weather conditions - Let’s be honest: cold rain, snow, strong dusty winds, burning hot summer heat and the like, make for uncomfortable working situations – this could potentially lead to willful neglect due to discomfort.
  • Manpower related issues – not every employee performs lubrication as good as the next guy. The probability of inconsistency and forgetfulness are factors to consider.
  • Logistics – Lube trucks are not always available at the appropriate re-lubrication times or location of machine(s) doesn’t make it possible.
  • Re-lubrication specifics – For adequate component protection: Many bucket, boom pins and joints need lubrication in more than one position/location to ensure even distribution of lubricant. (Not an easy task)

“Failing to lubricate every lube point, on every machine, every day, can increase breakdowns - thus you are on-the-hook for these additional maintenance costs, repairs and the revenue costs associated with downtime.”

Ecoluber® has a simple to use touch-button programming and scheduling options – unlike the complex and confusing programming options offered by many of the competitors’ units.

Refilling grease and oil can be easily completed within under a minute.

The Costs of improper lubrication are:

  • Contaminant buildup inevitably wears down bearings, pins and bushings and other moving components.
  • Waste of excess lubrication is both environmentally unfriendly and an unnecessary expense.
  • Lower resale value for used “un-kept” or “poorly maintained” equipment and machinery.
  • Increase spending on repairs and downtime: Improper lubrication related repairs are often unexpected and downtime is inescapable.

Why the Ecoluber® automatic lubrication system is the right solution for all these challenges:

Why the Ecoluber automatic lubrication system is the right solution for all these challenges:

  • Significantly improves bearing life and reduces repairs by automatically administering frequent, smaller amounts of grease to each bearing, pin and bushing precisely as needed.
  • An economical and environmental benefit via delivering the exact amount of grease reduces consumption costs and wasted grease/oil that serves to pollute the environment.
  • Gain 30-45 minutes of increased productivity for each machine that is being automatically lubricated while it is still working. (Opposed to manual lubrication shutdown times)
  • Reliable and durable are qualities engineered into all our units. Its rugged design can handle vibrations, bumps in the road as well as work in high heat or freezing temperatures without any loss in performance.
  • Again…higher resale value and longer service life on properly maintained equipment is always a bonus.

In the end, the Ecoluber is easy to use, simple to install and maintain. It takes away the pitfalls of manual lubrication and your return-on-investment (ROI) can be seen in a few months – not years.

What type of heavy duty construction equipment is the Ecoluber® best suited for?

  • Articulated Trucks/Haulers
  • Agricultural Tractors
  • Bulldozers & Backhoes
  • Cherry Pickers                  
  • Cold Planers      
  • Compactors  
  • Construction: mining trucks/tractors
  • Conveyors: Crushers/Grinders    
  • Cranes & Hoists                
  • Excavators
  • Forest Machines: Feller Bunchers Shredders/Grinders Skidders
  • Hammer/Breakers
  • Loaders (Wheeled and Track)
  • Material Handlers: Forklifts, Knuckleboom Loader, Telescopic/reach handler
  • Motor Graders
  • Multi Terrain Loaders    
  • Off-Highway Tractors
  • Off-Highway Trucks        
  • On-Highway Trucks  
  • Paving Equipment  
  • Pedestal Breakers  
  • Portable Asphalt Plants              
  • Ready Mix Trucks
  • Road Reclaimer              
  • Sand Screws
  • Scrapers
  • Screens
  • Skip Loader (Skippy)
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Trenchers        
  • Underground Mining Equipment
  • Washers
  • Wheel Dozers
  • Wheel Excavators
  • And more . . .
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