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Automatic Lubrication for the Plastics Industry

Conceivably, no other manufacturing sector is as globally competitive as Plastic Injection Molding.

The given nature of plastics in relation to other goods in the marketplace commands consistent, high volume production at the lowest possible cost. Think about it – to be competitive, plastic injection molding and insert molding operations must generate cost savings without sacrificing quality while amplifying the rate of production.

Heavy Duty Construction Equipment

Heavy duty equipment by their very nature are subjected to harsh working conditions and long hours of service – in many cases this happens day-in day-out. Furthermore, a lot of money is on the line and preventative maintenance practices, such as daily lubrication is vital to the operating life of pins, bushings, articulating joints and bearings.

Hard Rock Mining Industry

Fixed Plant and Underground Hard Rock Mining equipment are exposed to brutal workloads in the harshest conditions. Furthermore, there is no time - for downtime. Heavy-duty equipment failures and loss of production opportunities can potentially cost mining companies thousands and thousands of dollars a minute…not hours.

Mining Industry

Mining equipment requires a higher demand for lubrication - particularly due to the high volumes of dust and debris that can significantly hinder equipment’s operational efficiency and potentially shut down your operations – costing thousands in repairs and downtime.

Agriculture & Farming Industry

Farmers today face many technical challenges that their parents and grandparents never had to consider. Machinery and equipment are larger in scale, much more mechanically complex and they potentially gather higher yields in less time - but all this comes with a higher price tag.

Food and Beverage Industry

The Ecoluber® is ideal for lubrication of washing machines, filling lines, chains, palletizers, turrets and conveyors. Food and Beverage processing equipment requires a tough and durable equipment lubrication system that is able to withstand conditions such as wash-downs, high oven temperatures as well as operate in areas susceptible to high levels of cross-contamination.

Paper & Cardboard Industry

The Pulp & Paper and Cardboard industry’s machinery requires constant lubrication of bearings, ventilator drive shafts, conveyor belt bearing blocks, as well as lubrication of a pulpers’ moving parts. The Ecoluber® is capable of lubricating multiple points at extremely precise and consistent amounts, which helps prevent breakdowns.

Sewage Treatment Industry

Sewage Treatment Plants are sophisticatedly engineered and have specialized equipment, which makes them complex facilities. A trouble-free and safe operation is of the utmost importance for preventative maintenance managers and maintenance workers. Vital equipment parts like roller-and-sliding bearings; chains and spindles are constantly being exposed to dirt, water, phosphates and other caustic chemicals. With that said, continuous and precise re-lubrication can prevent premature equipment wear and costly breakdowns.

Automotive Industry

The Ecoluber® is ideal for the automotive manufacturing Industry as it allows for: Improved sustainability and productivity through minimizing unscheduled maintenance; and reduced environmental impacts due to its highly precise “waste-reduction” based lubricant dispensing capabilities and re-usability. This way your return-on-investment (ROI) is fundamentally solid.

Cement Industry

Cement production equipment has a high demand for lubrication particularly due to the higher volumes of dust and debris that can significantly hinder equipment’s operational efficiency and potentially shut down operations – costing thousands in repair as well as loss of production due to extended downtimes.

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