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ARK Manufacturing Inc.’s mission is to enhance profitability and operational excellence of mining equipment through innovative preventative maintenance solutions. ARK’s core values are to improve reliability and to significantly reduce environmental impact, overall maintenance costs and downtime for its customers. 


This mission is realized within its flagship product: Ecoluber® - the world’s most innovative automatic lubrication system. Ecoluber®’s revolutionary green technology design is a welcoming advantage to any preventative maintenance program. Its patented pumping mechanism outperforms conventional lubricators by generating greater psi and dispensing precision while using less energy. The Ecoluber® has been independently tested to ISA, CSA and UL standards and is Zone 1 (Class I, Division 2) hazardous locations certified. From the ground up, the Ecoluber® is fully designed and made in Canada; engineered in-house via state-of-the-art equipment. The end result is a best-in-class preventative maintenance solution built to last and manufactured to exceed mining industry standards.


1. Cost Reduction

Our dependable Ecoluber® systems guarantee you a longer service life, higher productivity and less maintenance costs.

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2. Reliability & Dependability

 Our revolutionary pumping mechanism delivers:

    • Greater power (psi) using less energy...
    • Improved reliability with few complications…
    • An advanced technology that is extremely simple to install, use and maintain.
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    3. Green Technology

    Constructed with medical grade plastic,  the Ecoluber® isn’t toxic like the unregulated plastics used by many of our competitors.

      • Reduce harmful lubricant emissions and never over-lubricate again.
      • Our refillable grease/oil cartridges reduce landfill waste.
      • Our battery packs are recyclable.
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